Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Crime!

The Victim is Mom...

The one who feeds, exercises, plays endless games of ball.. This poor innocent sandwich (such as it was) was to be my work lunch. It was just sitting on the counter (well back) just waiting for me to go to work.

Suspect #1

Raider, 75lbs, 4 yrs old with a history or counter surfing.. previous sandwich theft, chicken theft, Prime rib roast theft, well ok he has a LONG record.. But he was not found at the crime scene. That does not necessarily mean he is innocent, it just means he heard Mom coming and made a fast getaway. Currently on probation for toast left.

Suspect # 2

Chauncy 69lbs 9 yrs old.. Found at crime scene.. also has a history of counter surfing, food theft although record has been clean for some time.. well other than the coffee thing that happened... Probation period is over.. he however cannot seem to look me in the eye with those beady little eyes..

So I ask you, who is guilty? Raider or Chauncy?