Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wag and Walk

Well yesterday Emma and I took Raider and participated in the 2009 wag and walk to raise money for the Shelter. We had a great time. Raider proved to be a champ at the underwater hotdog eating contest... No time for a picture trust me... He was a little annoyed at me for not allowing him in the ice cream cone eating contest so we did give him a plain cone with no ice cream, as a treat.. He did manage to get lots of treats including a oatmeal cookie at the rest stop. We were asked if we wanted a cookie and he accepted before anyone opened the dog cookie jar and helped himself to a cookie from the basket on the table, just one though and I swear he didn't drool on any of the others...
He refused to go in the dress up contest though he does have some dignity.... Although they were cute as the above picture shows.. Raider plans to go back year to raise more money for the doggies that don't have a homes and I guess we will go along with him.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting it right..

It is so tough to get a good picture of all three dogs with me in the picture.. My patient son in law has helped me out several times. Good thing the pictures are digital. They are never looking in the same direction, someone always is yawning, licking their lips or somewhere else or getting up to go give Steven a kiss or picking at each other... Anyway I am about to give up, but here is one from today... What do you think? A good looking crew or what...

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Book - Speaking For Spot

Just about the time I found the "lump" on Chauncy I ordered the book, "Speaking For Spot" Be the advocate Your Dogs Needs to live a Happy, Healthy Life by Dr. Nancy Kay DVM.

I have to admit I was skeptical but it's a great book that everyone with pets should read. This book will help you navigate the world of veterinary medicine.. It is easy to read, flows nicely and is packed with good practical information... If you own a dog read this book...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You know it's not a good sign for the Dog when...

A post the other day by LittleVet , Negative Prognostic Indicators got me thinking.

I am a Moderator on the Yahoo Group Addison Dogs. It's a large group with about 30 new members a week. We try to educate owners on the different treatment options for their Addisonian dogs. We help them find ways to get their medications cheaper and in many more cases than I care to admit we help them educate their Vets on the proper diagnosis and treatment of an Addisonian ( no offense meant to the vets out there who already do a great job with their Addisonians). I digress though that is the topic for a whole other post.

As I said we get new members all the time and we know it's not good for the dog when:

1. In the membership application they tell you twice how concerned they are about the cost of medication but never mention that they care about their dog. ( these are the ones who rarely get lytes done and and the dog is always on the edge of crisis )

2. In their first intro post to the group they tell you three times they spent $2500 on diagnosis alone but never once tell you they love the dog.

3. They tell you the dog just got out of the ER that day and they ask how to get the dog to stop pi**ing ( their word not mine) on the carpet because they can't take much more. ( this dog is making it's last trip to the vet real soon)

4. The dog has been home for 48 hrs but drinking and peeing so much they know it is suffering and they can't bear to watch it any longer and they can't see spending all this money on a dog who is suffering. ( dead dog walking )

5. They ask what happens if they just stop treating the dog.. ( we beg them to rehome or at the very least take the dog to their Vet for euthanization rather than let it suffer such a death)

6. They tell you their Vet suggests they euthanize because the dog will never be the same ( this after they find out the medication is for life )..

7. They tell you they are expecting a baby and they tell you how much they really love the dog.. ( the dog is history, although they may ask for help rehoming )

Why do I do this... oh yeah I love Addisonian's like Buddy, Ben, Vita, Becky, TJ, Taz, Millie, Tess, Riley, JJ, Tallie, Rudy and oh yes my boy Raider...

Monday, September 7, 2009

This is my Tribute Ad that I am putting in the 2010 Addison Dogs Calendar.. Steven ( son in law ) did a great job on it for me..
What would I do without a great vet.. I hate to think.