Monday, May 24, 2010

The new kid has settled in!

Well Tramp has finally stopped hissing at Simon, they even were on the same chair the other day.. Progress for sure.

Simon has been with us just over two weeks and yesterday he got out and when I picked him up and headed to the house he had a fit... he scratched and bit at me.. He is a tom after all and I doubt he ever spent much time in anyone’s loving home. Today I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and let him out. I know, I know cats live longer if they are inside cats. But there is no way I am going to be able to keep him in. I have a fenced yard and the dogs can come and go as they please with the deck door open and now they can't so we decided to see what would happen. Well he wandered and then came back to hang out with me and the other furkids as I did my landscaping. He rolled in the grass and seemed to love it. After spending all day outside with me he came in and ate and then curled up on my bed for a nap. Now I feel better.. He really is home..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Simon Update

Simon got his sutures out yesterday and I met the vet who spent a lot of time and energy saving him. All I can say is wow... she did great for him all pro bono.. He was covered in sores, ulcers, he needed drains, lots of meds and lots of time before she could operate and amputate his leg.. She isn't convinced the people who brought him to her were not the owners.. They made sure it was not going to cost them any money for leaving him with her...

Oh well we have him now and he is doing really well!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Simon Update

Well Simon is fitting in quite well. He did a nice job of sucking up to Bill I must say. I picked him up to show Bill and he immediately head butted Bill's chin and started purring.. just like we practiced...
Tramp is still hissing at him every time he is anwhere close to her but they are both eating and drinking ok so no worries there. He goes tomorrow to get his sutures out. I think they have been in too long and are causing a problem as they are weeping. I have given him the run of the house now, errr... really he decided he was getting the run of the house so I agreed.. He actually jumped up on my lap when I was working in the office tonight and he likes to keep me in his line of sight. If I head for the bedroom he is the first up on the bed. Last night he slept on our bed with us and two of the dogs. Chauncy is scared of him I think, he refuses to get on the bed when Simon is on it... See Simon made the mistake of walking close to one of Chauncy's stuffies and I think he is afraid Simon is going to steal them. So Chauncy grabs them quick and runs...

Last night he joined us on the couch.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Introducing Simon

This is Simon, the newest member of our family.. As most people know I don't think of myself as a cat person but I fell head over heels in love with Simon. I decided that if our 19 yr old cat was ok with it Simon was living with us.. As you can see he is a tripawd. His leg was amputated 2 weeks ago. We think he was hit by a car and the leg healed without treatment into a hook and when he was rescued his leg was a mess as he was trying to walk on his elbow, and it had to be amputated. He was found in a ditch. He is getting around fine, and he is even jumping already. He still has sutures in, so I need to check on whether they are dissolving or need to come out.  The first picture was taken yesterday by Velma before I got him. Look at that face, he is so adorable. His name fits him too!

This picture is of him settled quite nicely on my bed.. He doesn't look stressed by anything to me.. he is eating and drinking fine so no worries there. He needs to put on a little weight so will work on that.

Guess he likes it here.. what do you think?

Simon is great with dogs but I have not introduced him to mine yet, I want him to settle in a bit so for now he is in my bedroom. Tramp was not impressed at all. She hissed at him and went to sit on her window sill. Her nose is out of joint about another cat in the house.. You would think she would be grateful I didn't bring another dog home..

Oh by the way Bill hasn't met him yet or even knows I was bringing him home... What's he going to say, I mean tomorrow is Mother's day, I am sure there is a rule somewhere that says Mom's get what they want for Mother's day..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It wasn't me... no really it wasn't..

Someone ate your yogurt!... you think I did.... why.....

Quiet Moments

My boys, Raider and Chauncy snuggling on the couch..

Caley and Chauncy at the end of a long hard day swimming, playing ball, following Mom everywhere, playing ball, playing more ball, helping Mom mow the lawn by dropping the ball in front of the lawn mower so Mom has to stop and move it because she am not playing ball enough with them apparently.