Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Timing

On Friday evening I was doing some gardening and I went to get some gardening fabric, jumped off the step and landed on a bottle. My foot rolled one way and my knee the other and it hurt.
I finally gave in and went to the hospital today and I have a broken bone in my foot. This is so not fun. Work is crazy and I need to take a week off to rest and elevate my foot.. can't see me resting.. The timing really stinks. We are looking after Emma and Aselin when Ang and Steven go to England starting on July 6th and I was planning to take them camping at Jellystone.. That is still going to happen no matter what.. The dogs will stay home with Bill but I am not disappointing the girls. Aselin tells everyone she is going to "Jellystone" when anyone asked her where she is staying when Mom and Dad go away.
So it's crutches for now... we will see how long those last.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dog Training Seminar

Woo hoo I got in the dog training seminar being given by Silvia Jay next week.. I can hardly wait.. I wish it wasn't on father's day but oh well.
Here is Silvia's site, Voice 4 Dogs. I am hoping to learn a lot..