Saturday, October 30, 2010

There is a theme here...

The furkids all play hard and they work hard at napping too!

Chauncy loves to find any sunny spot and chill out. He also loves to ride on the golf cart with whoever is using it..

Two beds, gotta make sure it is comfy for my boy. Chauncy is all about comfort.

Chauncy just making sure no one hides his toys on him while he naps.

No room left on the couch even for Mom..

Caley and Chauncy snuggling on the bed..

I am not in your spot this time Mom, the "cat" is... can I make her move for you... pleasssseeee.... just one little bark will do it.

Dad is it time for Mom to come home yet... I don't see her car yet... shouldn't she be home by now.. should we call someone... hmmm

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bath Time

I was hoping for a nice Sunny day to bath the dogs because then I can take them for a run and they dry off so much quicker. My furkids are all Labs but they do not enjoy a bath and I swear they know when I am getting ready to bath them, well shower them really..
I get right in the walk in shower with them and it is much easier than a tub for me.
Although raider is quite the escape artist but he only half got away once on me this time.
Now Chauncy went first and he tried everything to get out of it, cute looks, pleading, sorrowful eyes, bringing me a small towel as if to say he only needed his face and paws washed...

Can we talk about this Mom??? Please.

But I don't want to come over there, you want to torture me with the soap and water..

Now after I showered Chauncy and towelled him off I gathered up the next victim pup and showered him, too wet now to get the camera going as I am doing this by myself. The I finish up with Caley and then hose down I mean clean up the bathroom and throw the huge pile of towels in the washer. Then head for my room to get some dry clothes and low and behold who is all curled up in my bed.. Chauncy made his bed ( meaning he rooted around until he had all the bed clothes dug up) and made himself all comfy and cosy.
Now considering I had just changed the sheets, from where I stood this wasn't that funny.. The bed was wet to the mattress... So more laundry... It is a little more funny today..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raider celebrates 4 years with Addison's and a life lost.....

Well 4 years ago I was sitting in the ER with Raider wondering what the Hell was wrong with my boy. We had only had him a short time and he was now very ill.  It clearly was NOT something he had eaten as I had been told all for three days... I know Labs eat things they should not and it happens a lot but somehow I knew all along this was more serious.
When my Vet told me she thought it might be Addison's all I could think of was, that's something humans get... the vet, Melissa said, if that's what it is, it's treatable.. All I could say was, "let's do it". The first year was tough because I was learning how to take care of him and it was a rough road because the Florinef just was not working well for him. I was not going to give up on my boy no matter what. 7 months after being diagnosed I was able to get percorten imported into Canada and life changed for Raider and for me.. I had my boy back.... It is an truly amazing drug..

While today I celebrate Raider's amazing journey with Addison's I am sad as well because a member of the Addison dogs support group that I belong to had her dog ( 1.5 yrs old ) euthanized because she felt she could not control the Addison's. Never once did she ask for our help, she only posted to the group to tell us she had euthanized her dog... The group is filled with so many people who will go to any lengths to do whatever it takes to get their dogs well and keep them that way no matter what it takes and this is very difficult for me. One member I know would have taken the dog in a heartbeat.. They all deserve what my boy gets but sadly they don't all get it..

Rest in peace my boy..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had the pleasure of sharing Thanksgiving with lots of friends this year. Our hosts were our neighbours Sally and Bob. The food was amazing! I ate so much last evening that I still am not hungry this morning, and Sally was worried there was not going to be enough food.. Ha.. we could have all eaten for a week.

The whole crew telling me to hurry up so they can eat...

I should have counted the number of desserts and taken some pictures... I was holding my personal favorite a cranberry something or other that April made and it was ynmmy.  They were all so good. Next year I think we should eat dessert first so I can have more..

Of course all the kids were having a great time as ususal.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Addison Dogs Calendar 2011

This is the August page of the 2011 Addison's Dog Calendar and Raider is Mr. August. He was playing ball at Risser's beach in this picture and the one inserted below him is one of him and his great vet Dr. Melissa Wentzell. Gilda did a GREAT job on the calendar I can hardly wait until the finished product arrives in the mail.

So what do you people ( all eight of you ) think, do I have a great looking boy or what?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 SHAID Wag and Walk

Emma, Raider, Molly and I went to the 2010 SHAID Wag and Walk yesterday. Emma raised $88 all on her own for the walk I am soooo proud of her. She borrowed Molly to walk who is owns my good friend Lois Wootten. Molly is a senior and is almost 11yrs. She and Caley went to puppy clsses and later to obedience and agility together. Molly and Emma hit it off so well together. Molly christened Emma ( Emma carried her first poop bag on the walk ) hehe..

Emma and Molly before the walk started.
Molly after the walk

JoAnne who raised over $1500 for the walk, great job I say..

Raider making friends with a Puppy ( 9 months old ) he just wanted to play!

Emma with Raider and Molly before we walked.

The walk raised $4400 before expenses which is awesome..