Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bath Time

I was hoping for a nice Sunny day to bath the dogs because then I can take them for a run and they dry off so much quicker. My furkids are all Labs but they do not enjoy a bath and I swear they know when I am getting ready to bath them, well shower them really..
I get right in the walk in shower with them and it is much easier than a tub for me.
Although raider is quite the escape artist but he only half got away once on me this time.
Now Chauncy went first and he tried everything to get out of it, cute looks, pleading, sorrowful eyes, bringing me a small towel as if to say he only needed his face and paws washed...

Can we talk about this Mom??? Please.

But I don't want to come over there, you want to torture me with the soap and water..

Now after I showered Chauncy and towelled him off I gathered up the next victim pup and showered him, too wet now to get the camera going as I am doing this by myself. The I finish up with Caley and then hose down I mean clean up the bathroom and throw the huge pile of towels in the washer. Then head for my room to get some dry clothes and low and behold who is all curled up in my bed.. Chauncy made his bed ( meaning he rooted around until he had all the bed clothes dug up) and made himself all comfy and cosy.
Now considering I had just changed the sheets, from where I stood this wasn't that funny.. The bed was wet to the mattress... So more laundry... It is a little more funny today..

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Joey said...

I love the way you word your posts when you label your pictures. You get is just right.

It's time for me to bathe Marley Fae and Gracie LaPue. I bathe Marley in the tub and Gracie in the sink.

Gracie is getting so big! She's 4 months old now, and weighs 8.2 pounds. Her paws are big, and her coat is coming in... changing colors it seems every day.