Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dock Diving

Here are a few pictures of Chauncy Dock diving today.. with Adina throwing the ball. They all love to dive off the dock but the pictures of the others did not turn out.. More tomorrow I hope. I would love to get a few pictures of Raider Dock Diving for the Addison Dogs Calendar.

There's the ball!

That one's mine!

I beat them to it this time..

He has got good form here ...

Friday, July 30, 2010

At The Beach

My friend Adina is finally visiting from Oregon. I went to visit her last year and had an amazing time, so now I am showing her our home.. We have been eating some wonderful seafood, doing lots of fun things. Yesterday we went tidal bore rafting and it was a blast.. Emma joined us and i think she still has a smile on her face..
today we went to Risser's beach and took Raider.. he had a great time and here are few pictures to prove it..

hmmm I wonder if this might be a Addison Dogs calendar picture this year...

He swam and chased a ball for hours.. Addison's does not stop him for a second.

Raider and Adina.

Throw the ball will ya!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Maddie and Steven are having a GIRL!!!! She is due Nov 13th. We have our flights booked to go to Ontario Nov. 11 for 10 days. Hopefully the baby will co-operate and wait until we arrive to make an appearance just like her brother Desmond did..

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Girls

Ang and Steven have gone to England and France and the girls are staying with us. They ae having a great time. The dogs all think that Aselin is a gift, they follow her around all day hoping she will A. either drop whatever she is eating or B. feed them whatever she is eating.. She does plenty of both and gets quite a kick out of it.

Aselin having her first whole peach at the beach, she loved it and the mess got washed off easily in the ocean..

Aselin has decided that Caley is her favorite and her best friend. She goes around now and kisses all the dogs noses while they are sleeping.

I adore this picture, Emma and Aselin at Hirtles beach..