Friday, July 30, 2010

At The Beach

My friend Adina is finally visiting from Oregon. I went to visit her last year and had an amazing time, so now I am showing her our home.. We have been eating some wonderful seafood, doing lots of fun things. Yesterday we went tidal bore rafting and it was a blast.. Emma joined us and i think she still has a smile on her face..
today we went to Risser's beach and took Raider.. he had a great time and here are few pictures to prove it..

hmmm I wonder if this might be a Addison Dogs calendar picture this year...

He swam and chased a ball for hours.. Addison's does not stop him for a second.

Raider and Adina.

Throw the ball will ya!

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gilda said...

hi! i found your blog. love he picture of raider going for the ball. i'm thinking CALENDAR. send it to me!