Saturday, October 30, 2010

There is a theme here...

The furkids all play hard and they work hard at napping too!

Chauncy loves to find any sunny spot and chill out. He also loves to ride on the golf cart with whoever is using it..

Two beds, gotta make sure it is comfy for my boy. Chauncy is all about comfort.

Chauncy just making sure no one hides his toys on him while he naps.

No room left on the couch even for Mom..

Caley and Chauncy snuggling on the bed..

I am not in your spot this time Mom, the "cat" is... can I make her move for you... pleasssseeee.... just one little bark will do it.

Dad is it time for Mom to come home yet... I don't see her car yet... shouldn't she be home by now.. should we call someone... hmmm

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