Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wag and Walk

Well yesterday Emma and I took Raider and participated in the 2009 wag and walk to raise money for the Shelter. We had a great time. Raider proved to be a champ at the underwater hotdog eating contest... No time for a picture trust me... He was a little annoyed at me for not allowing him in the ice cream cone eating contest so we did give him a plain cone with no ice cream, as a treat.. He did manage to get lots of treats including a oatmeal cookie at the rest stop. We were asked if we wanted a cookie and he accepted before anyone opened the dog cookie jar and helped himself to a cookie from the basket on the table, just one though and I swear he didn't drool on any of the others...
He refused to go in the dress up contest though he does have some dignity.... Although they were cute as the above picture shows.. Raider plans to go back year to raise more money for the doggies that don't have a homes and I guess we will go along with him.

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Vet Student said...

Thanks so much for visiting/commenting on my blog. I've waited a while to return the favor because I wanted to test out that coffee mug a bit. You're 100% correct, it's the best one I'll ever own.

I love the labs! They're such wonderful (and, dare I say, silly) dogs. :)