Saturday, August 1, 2009

I hate tumors!

Well Thursday July 29 th Chauncy had a small tumor removed from his right hind hock and it was sent off to find out what it was. It was a bit swollen when we left the clinic at 3pm but the tech said just to snip the white tape near the bottom. Well this is what it looked like only 3 hrs later.. Needless to say I called the vet twice and finally back in we went and used warm towels and massaged the fluid out and home we go.

Zonked out on morphine ( thankfully ) and notice the swelling again only 1.5 hr after we had massaged it to normal..

This is his foot less than 12 hrs after being at the vets and I spent the whole night spending 20 minutes every hr massaging it. Back to the vet this am and it looks like he has had a histamine reaction to the tumour removal, between his toes and around the incision looked like raw oozing meat and its only 24 hr post surgery. My Vet figures we are looking at a Mast cell tumour so now we just wait for the results. So more drugs to combat infection and benadryl for the histamine reaction..But I have a bad feeling about this and so does she.


LittleVet said...

Not wishing to interfere BUT...
..did your vet take a needle aspirate of this lump before they removed it? I do this with any lump so I can plan the surgery better and mainly to see if mast cells are present.

Mast cells exfoliate really well, in other words if the needle aspirate was clear then I would try not to worry.

A bandage that does not include the foot will often cause swelling.

I really hope the histology brings back good news.x

Elizabeth said...

I appreciate the comments, it's not interfering.
The needle aspirate wasn't clear. He was supposed to be given benadryl before surgery as a precaution but wasn't. (He is now) Because of where the tumor was located she barely got a close on the incision. The retention sutures come out tomorrow. So if she didn't get clear margins there is no more tissue to go back in and take.
The second bandage did include the foot ( with toe tips left out to be able to check ) but I had to cut it back to be able to massage it once it started to swell again..

I try not to play the "what if" game..but it's tough not to.

Thanks I am hoping for good news as well.