Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wonderful Fall Day with the Furkids.

Caley is looking pretty good here. She is really active for a 10 yr old but has started to slow down and put on weight this last yr.. almost 10lbs.. So in for a checkup and blood work.. it was all perfect. So we decided to try metacam to see if that would help. It has made a big difference, she is like a puppy again.. She must have some achy joints.. So we need to get the extra weight off and hopefully that will help too. It kind of snuck up on us.

Raider as always checking stuff out to see if it's edible.. He would not want to miss something.

Raider watching a deer, and deciding if he is going to hold his stay or give chase.. He held it..

It's my stuffy and no one can have it.. Chauncy was even worried Mom was going to take it, I kept telling him I have my own.

I know the deer went this way..


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Janessa said...

Chauncy's face is priceless. I just want to eat. him. up.