Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vet Visit

We had a fine needle aspirate done of the lump and vet feels sure it is a fatty tumor. It however is located in a bad spot that can grow into the muscle and interfere with walking etc so if it grows much bigger that thing is coming out. It is in the same place Buddy's was ( his was huge ) and he had surgery several times and it took months to heal.. So I will keep a close eye on it and if that thing gets any bigger out it comes..


Joey said...

Good. Maddie's lump was different. Located on her face.

I love your babies.

Elizabeth said...

I have been through the lump thing before, Chauncy's was cancer but it has not come back so far..

Thanks yours are pretty cute too..

Joey said...

Maddie's was cancer too. It hasn't come back, but a smaller lump has come up.

I'm taking her back to Dr. Hefner.

She's lost so much weight since her last surgery. She is 11 now, and her arthritis has gotten worse. We can't seem to keep weight on her.

He kept telling me she is old. I know that...

janessa said...

*phew* and yay for fatty lumps that never grow.