Friday, December 31, 2010

Romping through 2010

It was a good year but where did 2010 go? Seriously... As I get older the faster it goes.

We had a new furkid join our family in May, Simon or "Mr. Simon" as all the children now call him. He has fit into the family like a glove.

We lost a very good friend in Sept, George I think of you every day. Don't worry we are looking after Lois and Molly!

There was new life for our family.
We were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter in November, Danika Jade Andrews. Two other great nieces and 1 great nephew all since August.

The furkids are all doing well. Chauncy had surgery to remove a tumour on his foot that turned out to be non-cancerous. Raider continues to rock our world and Addison's has not slowed him down one bit. Caley our senior lady is just perfect and wants everyone to know it. Tramp at almost 20 yrs. is sleeping a lot more but still eating and drinking fine. She put Simon in his place last week when he was annoying her.. Was kind of good to see her a little feisty.

Here is hoping next year will be as kind to us.

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