Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shelter Pups

It has been a crazy couple of weeks at work, so busy in the evening I haven't been able to catch up at all.

Emma and I volunteered at the SHAID animal shelter at their Open House and she met the rats and the bunny and she was in heaven. I however left the rats along and stuck to the pups...
As I said it has been busy but today I took time out after work to go to the shelter and walk Gus.. I know I forgot my camera so no pictures. I met Gus at the Open House as he had just come in. He was rail thin, each rib stuck out with nothing but skin covering them.
He is such a nice boy. He was neutered on Tuesday so will soon be ready for a new home. He walked so nicely on the leash, no pulling at all. He will make someone a wonderful companion.

There is a little beagle there named Miles and I spent some time playing with him.. His owners gave him up because they said, "he was a handful". The only handful he is, is when he is sitting on your lap and you are cuddling him.. he is a wonderful little boy..

It was nice to take some time and just play with some pups that need some loving... I feel better tonight for it... I hope the pups enjoyed it as much as I did..

When I came home my crew all gave me the once over, and then after they ate really gave me a going over.. I think they felt I had been out cheating on them..

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Joey said...

You are so loving.