Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dog Auctions and Puppy Mills

Do you ever wonder where all those cute puppies in the Pet stores come from??
Many of us know they come from Puppy Mills but many do not know about the dog auctions that provide the breeding dogs.  Dr. Nancy Kay, author of "Speaking For Spot", recently wrote a blog post on Dog Auctions. Please check it out..

Every Puppy no matter how cute that you buy from a Pet Store means another one will immediately take it's place. The lives that the breeding dogs live are horrendous. The only way to STOP or even put a dent in this business is to NOT EVER buy another Puppy from a Pet Store or ONLINE. If you want a puppy or dog check out your local Shelter or talk to people like your Vet who will know the responsible breeders. Often Shelters have pure bred dogs as well but remember for every dog you get from a Shelter you save two! The one you rescue and the one that gets to takes its place at the Shelter.

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