Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emma & Raider - who is training who?

Emma started taking obedience classed with Raider at Ditto's Canine Learning Centre 
She is in 4H and began their obedience classes with him but they use the choker chain to train with. Since that is not a positive training method and there is no way anyone is putting a choker chain on any of my dogs I signed Emma up for classes. She is doing great! Raider is doing a great job with her as well Here are a few pictures form the second night on classes.

Ditto is showing off for the camera.

 Emma getting Raider to "settle".

Raider on the "down stay"

Raider has GREAT eye contact with Emma.

This is Nell and she came to be with her new sister Rhea in the next picture.

Rhea did not like me takig her picture she kept barking at me.

This is Toma and he is one handsome labrador.

Ditto wanting his picture taken again ...

Emma getting a kiss from Raider at the end of class.
They both did great!!

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