Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well looks like we are making up for the snow that we haven't had much of this year.. The pups love it and would stay out all day as long as I stayed out.. It is light and fluffy now but may not stay that way. It started yesterday and won't stop they tell us until sometime early in the morning..

 It's my ball and you are not throwing it.

 What are you waiting for, throw the ball I'll get it I promise.

 Ok I lost it but I will find it.

 What do you mean we have to go in, it's just a little snow..


Tammy said...

I love watching dogs in the snow. They just seem so happy!! If only us humans had the same attitude :)

Joey said...

The photos are great! We had snow this year and Marley and Gracie loved it!


I love your captions