Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MacBook Pro

As a diehard PC user I never in my wildest dreams thought I would say I liked a mac.. I work on them at work, fix them but have never really had one to "use" long term. Now I do, work gave me a new MacBook Pro to use for work.. I do like it. Now that was hard to say, I never expected to say that at all. I LOVE the backlit keyboard. There are a couple of annoying things but that could be the user..  
Now I cannot manage my Novell networks at school with it so I will have to get windows 7 to put on it to dual boot it because I must be able to manage Novell and I have no intention of carrying two laptops around. 

Anyone else out there switch to Mac from PC??

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Joey said...

Way back when... when I was Nortel, we converted 6,000 people from the Mac's to PC's. We also provided training.

It so user friendly now that you don't anything to worry about. The computer leads you by the hand.