Friday, March 4, 2011

Upcoming Vacation

Well it is almost that time, and I so need a vacation. We are heading to Cozumel on the 9th of March for two weeks. Emma is coming with is and we are meeting Maddie, Steven, Desmond and Danika in Toronto and flying down to Coz together. Then on the 12th Angie, Steven and Aselin are coming for a week.
It will be so good to have the whole family together in such a lovely place.. 
I get to see the grandkids all in one place.. 

The pups are going to the pet sitter and even though I feel guilty about leaving them I know they will be well looked after. Raider is finally doing better, no diarrhea in over a week, the new food seems to have done the trick. Will still keep him on the antibiotics while we are gone just to be safe.

Work has been absolutely crazy busy and I so need a break. 5 Sleeps!!!

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