Sunday, July 17, 2011

Learning new things with my camera..

Aselin spent the day with me and we had a girls day. We had lunch with Lois and then we went to the beach and I got to practice a new technique with my camera called Bokeh..  When my friend Mariah posted some pictures on her site and they are totally awesome by the way, I loved the faded technique she used for the background.. You can see some of her pics at Bunch We Lunch with on facebook. She has spread her wings and is doing family pics now as well as the amazing dog pictures. She is in Toronto and I so wish she was closer to capture my Lab crew..
Anyway I spent some time practicing today and it came out pretty well I think. Of course having a cute subject really helps.. Next time I will try it out with the pups..

Getting the all important sand and water mix just right!

 Rinsing the sand off..

She was looking at periwinkles..
Just having fun...

The mix is almost right.

The water keeps leaking out!!

What sand!

 hmmm nuff said!

just need a little more sand..

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