Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 days Post OP

Well Chauncy is doing much better today, he has made steady progress this week. The swelling is almost completely gone and the incision looks great!

I was putting a mattress in the living room and sleeping there with him and the other pups. I covered the furniture with laundry baskets so he could not get up on them but he kept getting up and standing by the bedroom door which was closed of course as we don't want him jumping up on anything. I had to put him in the gated area anyway so I finally decided on Thursday to turn my bedroom into a crate.. I took the mattress off the frame ( well cleaned out what was under the bed first ) and put an area rug down on the wood floor to keep him from slipping and covered the rest of the floor with rubber backed mats. Now my evenings are being spent in the bedroom with the pups.. It's safe and I don't have to worry about him jumping up on anything so I don't have to sleep with one eye open.
Going to be a long summer!

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