Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ACL modified Flo Technique

Chauncy had the modified Flo Technique yesterday to repair his ACL which he ruptured on Jun 11th. The radiographs at the time of surgery showed minimal degenerative joint change and the expectation is he will develop arthritis and only time will tell how much.

He was not a happy camper at all on the short trip home.. He hurt and he let us know it. He developed diarrhea about 1/2 hr after getting home and that was certainly not pleasant for him. I suspect from intra-operative injectable NSAIDs which he was not supposed to have because of his reaction to them especially injectable anafen in the past. It is routinely given so I think it got slipped in. We had a rough first night with only Tramadol for pain. I iced him non stop last night, just rotated the sites so not to do any tissue damage. That helped, I know it did.. Thanks Karen.. if not for you I would not have started it when I did.

This picture is was taken just after I brought him home last night, he is a lot more swollen today.
With regular Tramadol and hourly icing he is doing better today. Emma and Aselin both came to help me look after our boy. Thank heavens for great grand kids no matter how young they are.

The Ruff Wear Harness I got when he injured his leg has been very helpful and I highly recommend it for anyone who has a dog with an acl injury.

This is an excellent resource for Canine ACL issues and repairs. 

Canine ACL issues

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Don and Buddy said...

Poor old Chaunc.
Sorry to hear that boy had to go through that. Buddy and I think he is going to need some increased cuddling.