Monday, June 13, 2011

Chauncy injured his leg..

Hard to get a picture of him but you can see he is holding it up. He is totally non weight bearing. I am worried he blew his ACL out. 
I took the dogs all for a swim like I have done several thousands times and they all ran ahead and by the time I caught up a the wharf he was already limping.. 30 seconds out of my sight, and of course it was Sat. afternoon. So crate rest, pain meds and icing. I got a Web Master Harness or rather my husband drove to Enfield for it. It was either that or wait 3 weeks for one to come from the US. It is a very good harness and will allow me to get him in and out of the car easier and support his leg. I have a Vet appointment tomorrow with Paula so we will see. I am really hoping for a soft tissue injury!!!
He is being such a good boy and is doing fine in the crate even though we have not used one for years..


Veterinary Student said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Chauncy hurt his leg! I hope his vet appointment went well.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! My vet is pretty sure that he has ruptured his ACL. We have an appointment on Monday evening with the surgeon. He is still not weight bearing with it and it has been a week. But we will get it fixed as soon as the surgeon can do it.. He comes highly recommended.

Veterinary Student said...

Oh no! My parents' Rottweiler started limping around the holidays and it turns out she had the same problem. She had surgery in March and is going really well. Here's wishing Chauncy a speedy recovery!