Sunday, June 19, 2011

ACL issues

Poor Chauncy, my Vet is pretty sure he ruptured his ACL, he has the classic drawer sign. It is a little more than a week and he is still not weight bearing on it. He is using his toes to balance with it a bit though. We have an appointment with the surgeon on Monday to see what he thinks and see how soon we can get it fixed it that is indeed what he thinks is needed.
We had to stop the NSAIDS as he had a nasty side effect, diarrhea and then vomiting from the metacam and also from anafen. Paula put him on tramadol and he seems ok with that. You can tell so easily when he needs it, he licks and then will chew at his knee.. So I am trying to prevent that by giving it morning and evening. He is spending his days in the crate and he is doing so well with that.

Bill hurt his leg yesterday and spent hrs in the ER, so is on crutches doubt the crutches will last long, he hates them.. We were supposed to build a better ramp today since it looks like we will need it long term. So with Bill's directions I am using the chop saw and it is looking pretty good! Just waiting for the drill to charge up so I can finish putting it together.

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