Saturday, March 17, 2012


Caley had a rough day yesterday. She had a fractured canine tooth which was removed, she had 3 lumps removed, two were lipomas and the third to quote my Vet was "nasty" (that was the one in the picture in the previous post). That incision is the lowest one in this picture. Dr. Paula got wide margins just in case.. Paws crossed this turns out ok for my girl. The tissue was sent away so we will find out just what it is.

Poor girl was pretty painful last night after the hydromorphone wore off and then the metacam I gave her did not seem to help at all. So I got the tramadol out and that helped to settle her down about 1am. One more this morning and she is doing well.

On Friday I picked up the Nutri-vet Protective Collar  to use instead of the Cone of shame. I had Chauncy test it out.. I put peanut butter on various places of his body, side, belly and back and he could not get any of it and he sure tried. This is a GREAT tool to use to prevent access to those areas. Caley can still get at her paws so you would need something else if that was the spot you were tying to prevent access to.. All round good product! Here is a picture of it. Caley is not up to modeling it yet... read she did not want to co-operate with the photographer, but who can blame her she just had surgery.

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