Saturday, March 3, 2012

Simon Update

What a week.. I lost count of the number of times I have been back to the Veterinary Clinic with Simon. He has not be able to pee on his own. He has an Atonic bladder which basically means it does not want to work. There is no obstruction and his bladder can be expressed. Once he gets really full he can pee a small marble sized amount but when you feel the size of his bladder that little marble sized amount doesn't add up to much. 
I spent most of the day at the Clinic yesterday with him. Dr. Paula Cunningham gave him meds to try and relax the smooth muscles in the body which hopefully would let him pee.

Note the litter box.. It had lots of traffic but no pee. 

Simon resting on my seat while we waited for him to pee..

Dr. Paula Cunningham stayed several hours after her shift ended to try and get a plan together for Simon. Can't tell you how much I appreciated that!  She did an ultrasound to make absolutely sure there were no stones causing a blockage, that was cool to watch.. So the plan last night was, learn to express him, pain meds, amitriptyline, continue antibiotics, then tomorrow start kitty metacam and try to express him if needed. If I could not express him then I would take him to the clinic again.
The plan all went well until I tried to express him.. I could find the bladder but nothing would come out.. Bill suggested I might not be doing it right, EXCUSE ME... 

So plan B take him to the clinic where the Vet on could not express him either.. Plan C now was admit him and give him a diuretic and go to the drug store and pick up the bethanochol that was finally in. There is a cat in the cage beside him with exactly the same thing..
Simon started peeing after the diuretic was given so he was given fluids to prevent dehydration. Now we just have to hope he does not stop peeing after the diuretic wears off. Keep peeing my boy.. 

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