Thursday, March 8, 2012


You never realize how important peeing is until you cannot do it.. My poor boy still is not really peeing. He stopped peeing after the lasix wore off last Sunday.
We have been through several different meds and have changed the plan a couple of times. My Vet did some research and he is now on Alprazolam and Prazin and we are keeping his bladder empty. The Alprazolam had the opposite effect last night and I woke up to him sitting on my head licking my face.. Then he attacked the dogs tail and would not stop. I tried to get hold of him and he face planted on the floor.. It took more than 2 hrs for him to settle down and then Caley had me up with diarrhea starting at 4am.. We reduced the alprazolam to half to see if that helps..

So now we are expressing him morning and evening. He is very difficult to express. We are giving fluids as well when needed and I am am getting a decent amount of fluids in him by adding water to canned salmon and letting it soak up the flavor.  He seems to do better the more fluids we can get in him.
Dr. Paula is on all weekend so we will keep pushing the fluids, keep his bladder from filling up and see how the weekend goes. The next step is another catheterization and keeping his bladder completely empty. There is also some concern that since we do not know what caused the blockage ( no crystals ) that maybe he has some neurological issue. Paws crossed for my boy.

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