Thursday, September 9, 2010

Children and Dogs

Raider wants a cookie, and can I have one too please....

But I don't want to go to bed... well then can Chauncy go to bed with me... please...

This is an old one, over 10 yrs ago when Caley was a puppy and so was Emma . Emma adores animals and I like to think this is where it started. She has grown up with Caley, Chancy and Raider. Hard to believe Emma is almost 11 and chomping at the bit to go to Vet camp at the Atlantic Veterinary College..


Joey said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW PAGE!!! I cheated and read down.. your son-in-law did a wonderful job. I can't figure photoshop out either.

I'm so happy to see some blogs. I was worried about you!

The captions are perfect. That Raider is so funny, and nurture Emma's desire. She rocks!

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