Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flyball Class was Awesome!

Raider loved flyball and do did I. I can hardly wait for the next class. He wasn't used to the jumps but we just walked him through them.. I will get a jump or two built so he gets used to them. He did great with targeting and by the end of class was using both paws!!
The dogs in the class come in all sizes..

Little ones

A puppy!

A little one Raider was terrified of..

A very shy one...

These ones were waiting for the next class while their Moms helped out with our class. I was going to stay and watch but it was too hot to leave Raider in the car, but it will be cooling off so I will get a chance soon.


Joey said...

He was afraid of the little one? He would afraid of Grace. She would herd him. lol

Elizabeth said...

Yes he was terrified.. It was pretty funny. I will have to try and socialize him around more smaller dogs..

selfreliantguy said...

Your pets are so adorable.