Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. Simon

Just thought I would update everyone ( all 7 of you hehe ) on Mr. Simon, as the neighbourhood children have decided to call him instead of just plain ole Simon.
He adores the children, all of them! He is becoming the neighbourhood cat. We live off the main road and he was obviously an outdoor cat and we just cannot contain him in the house even though we tried.. He spends time every day with any neighbour who happens to be out in their garden or roasting hot dogs by a campfire ( yes we live in the country ). He is always on the lookout for a back scratch. Considering how badly he was abused he certainly has a lot of trust in people.
When I get home from work everyday he comes bounding across the lawn to greet me and then becomes my shadow, even following me to the field when I take the dogs for a run. He also likes to go along and supervise when the dogs all go swimming.. He is always in every night and sleeps on the bed with us and at least two of the dogs.. He gets the best spot on the bed..

To remind you of what he looked like in May.. Here is his picture ( May 2010 ) two weeks post amputation and the day I met him and decided he was mine. He was about 7lbs then and weighs 12 now. It is hard to believe it is the same cat.

This next picture is Simon about 2 months post amputation. 

This one was taken last week when I was getting the groceries out of the car and he decided he wanted to sit in my seat..


Joey said...

It is amazing what you've done with Simon. He is absolutely beautiful and so healthy.

I wish we lived next door to each other.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, he has been very easy to love and take care of!
That would be nice Joey!

LittleVet said...

I love Mr Simon, he's one cool cat and he looks like he is thriving in your house!

LV x

Elizabeth said...

Thanks LV, yes he is doing great. Thanks in no small way to a great Vet who did not give up on him.