Sunday, September 5, 2010

We survived Earl

Earl came ashore as a Cat 1 so it was not as bad as Jaun. There is certainly damage and lots of trees went down but we were spared any serious damage. The only thing that happened here was we lost Bill's building ( metal pole frame with plastic cover ) and when it went it damaged his van. Now before any of you feel any sympathy for him, let me tell you the story.. The building was over at our daughters for a couple of weeks so they could use it for a yard sale ( it is very big ) and afraid that it would go down in the hurricane Angie wanted it moved and I suggested that it be taken down rather than moved.. I mean it's a wind catcher. But Bill and friends moved it and Bill insisted it would not go anywhere ( sound familiar ladies ). He put lumber down on the frame and drove his Miata in it.. I suggested that was a big mistake but what did I know. At the height of Earl we could see it moving. As I was on the phone calling my son in law for help Bill said, "I'll get rope and tie it down" ( like that was going to help )  There were too many things for this to crash into.
While I waited for Bill and my Steven to show up with tools ( Bill was looking for rope  )  I stood on one of the poles that was in the air and almost immediately it lifted 3 more feet. Not sure whether to jump off or hang on, I hung on and it did drop and then I got my ass off of it. It was like a gaint balloon. The only thing that kept it from going was the fact that now it was wedged against Bill's van which he so thoughtfully parked beside it. As we worked to get it taken apart ( in torrential rain as well ) you could hardly see or get a grip on the poles to pull them apart once the bolts were out. Neighbours Bob and Sally showed up and the extra hands certainly helped get it safely down with no more damage to anything or anyone. Men never listen... As I can say was good thing it was his Van that got damaged and not my car...

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Joey said...

I'm so glad you're okay, and it was HIS vehicle.

Men are just like that. We had a toronado and my husband said we were not having one.

He changed his mind when he couldn't back his car out of the garage and the basketball pole was down.